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If you need Filemaker/Web programming assistance, read on.

The goal is to develop a system that meets your needs and is easily updated and maintained. These are the goals of my systems: to make it easy to update and maintain content with a custom content management system using a range of  up-to-date tools and advanced techniques.

I have been doing database programming for over 18 years. I have been consulting full time with FileMaker Pro since 1998 but have been working with the program since 1989.  I have extensive experience with FileMaker Pro versions 12 & 13 (and previous versions), Lasso, MySQL, and an expert in Dreamweaver and Fireworks as well as many other programs.  I have worked in in a wide range of environments helping to give a unique insight into the business database needs of a company. At each of the positions I have set up and deployed FileMaker solutions for such needs as Net Administration, Development & Research, Nonprofit needs, and Project tracking and more.

My expertise extends beyond Filemaker into many other technologies including scanning, bar codes, web integration, accounting and more.

I can work with existing projects to enhance and upgrade them to take the full advantage of the relational and interface features of FileMaker Pro as well as develop from scratch to meet your needs. I worked in an environment of interface design for several year at Clement Mok designs/Studio Archetype. Clement was the creative director for Apple in the old days. Their work with information design helped greatly to define the way I do business.

Projects I’ve developed:

  •   PG&E Trailer asset management system
  •   Move WordPress web site to better host and enhance
  •   Necklace Art Management system and sales tool
  •   Retail Store Water sales system
  •   Medical history and Patient Care management systems – UCSF Neurotrauma
  •   Hazardous Chemical Inventory and Removal systems
  •   National Garden Club competitions an website
  •   Donation  for Festival Opera of Walnut Creek
  •   Integrate Web based bike sales and inventory database
  •   Wholesale Beads Sales system
  •   Real estate systems for commercial sales and acquisition
  •   Marketing Project tracking systems for Safeway Corporate Marketing
  •   Transactions systems for non profits
  •   Extensive and  fully automated reporting systems
  •   Web/Filemaker/MySQL integration
  •   And more…

current example of my work:


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