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FileMaker Pro 16.0.2by Agen G. N. Schmitz FileMaker has issued version 16.0.2 of its FileMaker Pro database software for the Mac (reviewed by William Porter earlier this year; see “FileMaker 16’s Invisible Brilliance,” 12 June 2017). This maintenance release resolves an issue with the Script Debugger (which reset the scrolling position and displayed the active script step at the bottom of the display area), improves the performance of the SortValues and UniqueValues functions, fixes a bug where external script steps evaluated calculated values for repetitions incorrectly, and resolves an issue where opening a record and then closing it without modifying it increased the internal record modification count. If you have an individual license for either version 14 or 15, you can upgrade to FileMaker Pro 16 for $197.00 (eligibility for version 13 licenses ended on 22 September 2017). ($329 new, $197 upgrade, free update from version 16, 4.4 MB for updater file, release notes, 10.11+)

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